Almeta News App

Almeta News App

Every Arabic article on the web under 100 words. We summarize, analyze and score every Arabic news piece in the Arab world. No more wasting your time reading sub-optimal and biased content.

Why we do what we do?

We’re a proud Arabic company that loves the Arabic language. We’re in a mission to make you, the Arab audience, more aware, more thoughtful and more involved in what you’re reading everyday. Almeta News aggregates and scores all the news in the Arab-world according to their neutrality, readability and informativity. We summarize each article and order them out according to their content.

1. Proud Arabian AI

Almeta’s AI is built by Arabian hands for the Arab people. We chase the truth. We want the truth.

2. Your time is Gold

We do value our time greatly. We do value your time. That’s why we do summarize every article so you can choose what to read in full.

3. Insights and analysis for every piece of content

We do analyze and track Neutrality, Readability, Reading-time and Informativity metrics for every news piece written in Arabic.

4. See the most important news first

This is AI at work. Our AI score all news pieces and provides you the most important content first. We track politics, sport, tech, science, economics and entrepreneurship, health and art.  

5. 10 min max. Everything in Real-time.

We do analyze every piece of news once published in realtime. Currently, the maximum time for analyzing any piece from the moment it’s published is 10 min. Max. It will automatically pop-up in the app once analyzed.

6. Every. Piece. In. Arabic.

We try to analyze every news content published in Arabic. We analyze every news outlet and every news paper that pushes its content in Arabic language. From BBC Arabic and CNN Arabic to Aljazeera, we’re adding more sources everyday.

Almeta News App

#Arabic news in 100 words.

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