Smart Services For Social Media Marketing

Social media presents today a massive source of information for marketers and decision-makers to both better understand users trends and influence these users decision.

With the field of AI and NLP conquering various aspects of our day to day life, social media and marketing using it is also an open field for NLP applications.

In this post, we will explore the various different type of smart services that can help your social media marketing campaign.

Content Selection

Twizoo now acquired by Skyscanner was a startup that reads tweets feed on twitter filter it to include tweets most similar to your brand and then returns the tweets that will hopefully attract more customers to your site, this simple service would be a plugin your website where Twizoo will display the tweets about your brand.

The platform also includes some customers analysis and targeting features, the system in it’s simplest form can be built using 3 steps:

  • Feed aggregator that collects recent tweets
  • Feed filter that will tag the tweets using the entities that appear in them
  • Sentiment analysis of other engagement metrics (like the number of likes found in the tweet) this is aimed at selecting only the positive feedback to be displayed on your home page

Consumer Intelligence

This can be seen as the next step after content selection. In this step the goal is extracting insights from the collected data, converseon is an example of such services where their services include:

  • Pre-defined classification
  • User customized classification
  • Industry Trend Analysis
  • New Product Development discovery
  • Campaign Analysis
  • New Market Analysis
  • Data Visualization Workshop

While their site does not show what exactly do these features entail or how are they implemented, it is possible to schedule a demo.

Customer Service

There has been a lot of advancements in the field of chatbots, mainly in limited chatbots specialized for a specific list of use cases.

Some of the leading companies in this field include (conversocial , getJenny, and livePerson) but the performance is not that good at the moment and these systems are usually as an assistant to a human employee.

Influencer Marketing

The goal of this technology is to connect companies with influential people on social media, these influencers can range from celebrities to small content creators, in order to pitch the company message, One example is ( InsightPool, currently named trendkit) a platform that searches through more than 600 million influencers across the social media spectrum to find the influencers who fit a brand’s unique characteristics, personality and goals, there is a whole field of NLP centred around public relations intelligence to facilitate connecting to new customers, suppliers, or marketing outlets. And there are a plethora of companies working in this area.

Content Optimization

The New York Times internally built an app that they call Blossom that works within Slack. It’s an intelligent bot that uses story engagement data to help them decide which of the 300 odd stories they have in a given day deserves a promotion or a higher amount of focus.

Competitive Intelligence

Basically data mining to find competitors and gaps in the market, an example of such service is unmetric.

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