Why Almeta.io?

Our story and team

Founding Almeta.io, we’re 3 friends (since our first college year) and techies who love their Arabic Language. Growing with a bigger team: Our team now consists of self-motivated machine learning engineers who are determined to help develop the under-developed NLP field in the Arabic language.

Why Almeta?

Founded in mid-2019, Almeta.io aims to advance the understanding of the Arabic language with AI technology. Almeta.io has developed its own framework based on natural language processing, machine learning and other cutting edge technologies in AI. Our mission is to grow the world understanding of the Arabic language by making it machine-readable and improving the NLP/ML models in Arabic.

Do you know that we use all this and other AI technologies in our app? Look at what you’re reading now applied in action. Try our Almeta News app. You can download it from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

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